Jason and Jamie

Jason and Jamie

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Subbing....how to describe it!!?!?  CRAZY!!!  haha...j/k!  It's actually not to bad.  My job, before I started to sub, is working at Ezell Harding Christian School with their after school program.  I have to be here from 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm.  That is not a long day at all!  It's fun working with the children but some days are definitely better than others.  Well, back in January, I talked to the secretary and asked if they needed more subs for the elementary.  She said I will put you on my list and the very next day she called me to sub for the following day.  The first time was a 1/2 day so I didn't get to school 'til 11:15am.  I would sub and then go to extended.  It wasn't too bad working both.  Well, I subbed a few times since.  Last week I even subbed for my mother-n-law.  Haha.  The kids still had a Mrs. Frankum for a teacher that day.  :-)  The kids at extended call Mrs. Jamie though.  So instead of confusing all the kiddos with two Mrs. Frankum's, I've been telling them they can call me Mrs. Jamie.

Well, last week when we got some snow and ice, the music teacher fell and broke her ankle and had to have surgery.  This was Tuesday last week (2/16).  On Wednesday the secretary asked me if I wanted to sub Thursday and Friday b/c the music teacher is out.  I said sure.  Working an almost 12 hour day is rough.  I get here around 7:30 am and leave after extended which is 'til 6.  Man, those two days last week were rough!  I was not ready to work that long and I was EXHAUSTED!!!  But I'm kinda getting used to it now.  I've already worked Monday and Tuesday of this week and I'm working today, Wednesday.  I'll be working tomorrow, Thursday, and then next week I'll be working Tuesday through Thursday.  I'm glad I can work it and the extra money will definitely be nice.  Since I lost my full time job back in August, it's been a little hard money wise.  But me subbing helps a little bit.  It's not much b/c I'm at a private school but the more days I work, the more money.  Which, I'm not all about the money but we do have a little debt we need to pay off so the more money now will be good.  I give credit to those people out there that usually work a 12 hour day...whether it be a nurse, doctor and even those who work a 24 hour day.  I'm sure those are rough.  More power to you!!!

Like I said, I've been subbing for the music teacher.  I've known music since 5th grade.  5th - 6th grade I played violin.  It was absolutely awesome except my teacher!  Her son was my age and he was VERY mean to me.  She didn't do anything about it either which made me mad.  But anyways, Jr. high (7th-8th) I played the trumpet.  I continued playing the trumpet through my senior year but once I became a freshman, I joined the Pit of the percussion for marching band.  I also played in our Winter Drumline during the spring semester.  It was amazing and i'm glad I did it.  Having said that, high school was pretty much the last time I paid attention.  Jason and I have a piano and I recently started trying to learn some music.  It's been a LONG time since I read the actual notes.  So subbing for music has brought the joys of music back.  I love music and love listening to it but it's also a great joy to be able to play an instrument.

Now as far as subbing for a class all day...that's a little different.  There is one 1st grade class I subbed for for a 1/2 day and it wore me out!!!  Kids today are NOT disciplined like they should be.  Anyways, those are my two cents about subbing. 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Baby Braelyn Mitchell

My baby niece, Braelyn, is finally home.  I'm so excited for her and for Rachel and Daniel.  :-)  I haven't seen her in person yet but Jason and I are going over tonight for dinner.  I can't wait to see that precious sweet baby!!!  What a great weekend to bring her home too.... The weather has been wonderful yesterday and today...I'm lovin' it.  I love this beautiful weather.  Jason and I are doing our own thing today so I've been out and about in the weather.  I went to lunch with my mom and nana and then washed my car b/c it was filthy.  Went to the store and now I'm home with the blinds open enjoying the sunshine shining through.  I'm probably about to go back out to the store again for dinner tonight.  :)  

So my car wash....
I drove by the cheapest one I knew of (which was $3) and it was crowded.  I wasn't really sure how that one worked so I left.  It was one of those where others clean it....I was skeptical about it.  haha.  So I drove down the road to where I knew there was a $5 car wash.  It was crowded...I mean go figure...everyone's cars have salt all over them from the snow.  So I passed another one and went to that one.  The cheapest selection was $4 and I thought that would work.  Well, it didn't want to take my 1dollar bills and it finally took them.  Then the $4 button/option was getting stuck.  SO what do I do, I put my 10 dollar bill in the machine b/c I thought maybe that option wasn't working.  Well, I should of just used my $10 in the first place.  I guess I thought it wouldn't give me change back.  I don't know why....So I have a credit of $14.  I press the other button and it doesn't work either.....CAN'T YOU TELL IT'S BEEN A WHILE SINCE I'VE USED ONE OF THESE THINGS!!  HAHA.....So I press this random button that says "Price Function".  Who would of thought that that is the button to push to get your change.  It says.."$6 in change" and I'm like what?  SOOOOO...I ended paying $8 for a $4 car wash.  DUDE!!!  Don't tell Jason!!  haha.  I just didn't feel like doing it myself this time....b/c when I wash a car, I get filthy myself from washing the dumb car.  haha.  Oh well....learned my lesson on that machine.  I'll know better next time...if there is a next time!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

New Niece

We have a new niece!!!  I have been an aunt a little over four years now.  Jason has been an uncle for a little bit of two years...16 months if you want to go the route of how long we've been married. But this is the first on the Frankum side!!  :-)  Jason and I haven't been able to see Braelyn in person yet but we can't wait.  I know I can't wait!!! (if in the NICU, only parents and grandparents are aloud to go in and see her.) 
    I can't wait to see Jason with her.  It will make me cry, I'm sure.  I've been very emotional over baby Braelyn.  I guess when my sister, Cyndi, was pregnant, I was in a totally different stage in my life.  I was still in college and trying to finish college.  I was fixin' to go study abroad and my mind was not on having children.  I wasn't even seeing anybody at the time.    This time, I've been very aware of the feeling of wanting children of my own.  So I've been getting very touchy on the subject.  I mean, I've looked at a picture or read one of their blogs and just cried.  It's so sweet to watch the process of getting pregnant, going through the pregnancy and then seeing the child born and observing the parents as they go through all the emotions as well.  It's been very eye opening to me and a totally new experience I was not expecting.  I love Rachel, Daniel and Braelyn very much and I'm so happy for them.  Words cannot not express how happy I am for them.  It's so exciting.

Cyndi is pregnant again!  :-)  Hopefully this time it will only be one and hopefully a boy.  But I'm praying for a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy.  She has felt different this time around so we all think it's a boy.  We'll see.  hehe.

I am very excited for my sisters and wish them the best of luck with everything that goes one with a new baby (or babies)!!  I love you guys!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Life right now...

It's officially February in the year 2010. Jason and I have had some pretty interesting conversations lately. I love talking and listening to him. It really does make my heart happy. On wednesday, the 3rd, we will have been married for 16 months. WOW! We have grown as a couple in this past year several different ways. But of course there are things we are still learning to deal with and appreciate more. Marriage is a wonderful thing. God knew what he was doing when he placed man and woman together at the very beginning.

Jason and I have gone through a lot of firsts together and will continue to go through a lot of firsts together as the years go by. That is one thing that I LOVE about us. We've had our first kiss, first date, first love, first everything pretty much. God knew what he was doing when he kept some guys away from me when I thought I was ready for them. I love Jason with all my heart and I am ready for whatever the future holds. :)