Jason and Jamie

Jason and Jamie

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This past weekend!!!

I can't believe it's mid January already! My nieces will be turning 4 next week. Time is flying by.

Speaking of my nieces, Jason and I got to watch them on friday night. Cyndi and Matt wanted a date night and so I told her we could watch the girls. Apparently the girls asked if they were spending the night and when Cyndi told them they weren't, Dylan cried. So therefore Cyndi asked if they could spend the night. Of course they can! Jason wasn't crazy about it but he got over it. haha.

Friday night was fun. The girls slept in our guest room which is right down the hall from our room...not far. I did not have a good nights sleep. For some reason I was worried that they would get up and roam during the night, which was silly of me to think. Peyton slept pretty well but Dylan did not. She came in our room a little after five and crawled up on Jason and then over to me. She slept with us for the rest of the night.

Saturday we got up and had some breakfast and then we started painting. A month or so ago, I broke one of my mom's plates. The plate had the girls hand and footprints on them when they were 6 months old. Precious! Well, I feel really bad about that. I had some extra canvas' laying around so I thought I'd make a flower out of the girls hand and footprints. The hand being the flower and the feet being the leafs on the stem. Well, I didn't realize how big the girls feet were but it turned out okay. I gave them to my mom yesterday for her birthday. So it worked out that we got to keep the girls this past weekend! :-)

Saturday night was a much needed night with my hubby and him alone. We went to the grocery store to get food for this week. We got back home and lounged for a little bit. Jason got a ham from work for Christmas so we cooked that for dinner. We had a feast saturday night for just the two of us...hehe. It was a wonderful night that was greatly appreciated. God is great!!!

I forgot to mention that today is the day that Jason proposed to me...two years ago!! My dreams came true on that day!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Well, I remember why it takes a long time for me to paint something...I've gotta get it perfect! haha.

I love when people look at a painting and say.."that looks easy, i could do that". I want to see those people try! If you have never painted before, it's pretty intense...unless you don't care what it looks like. I am so precise that it takes me a long time, well, depending on what I'm doing. The painting right now that I'm working on is very basic. It's a color fade and you'd think that would be easy. It was easy when I did it with colored pencils. I guess I should of thought about the fact that it took me an hour to make the boxes just right with colored pencils that it would take me a while to get a painting done. Oh well, I'm enjoying it. Last week I got all my utensils out (utensil is a word I've been using a lot lately...haha) to get ready to start painting. I haven't used them in 2 1/2 years. I can't believe it's been almost 3 years since I graduated college.

Tonight I finally opened up those paints and sat down. It's amazing how much you forget in 2 1/2 years. I had forgotten a paper towel to wipe my brush on and forgot the water to use. WOW...simple but yet I forgot. haha. But I put the colors on my palette and started mixing the colors and it brought back so many memories. :) I enjoyed starting on this piece and I can't wait to see the final product. *Rachel, it might be a while before I'm done. I'm sorry.* Painting is fun but time consuming...But I am excited to be able to do something again!!!

On a side note, I was at work today and I was sitting with the 3rd grader boys. They were trying to get me to hold my tongue and say Ask and Fork. I was like NO! I knew what they were up to! haha They also asked me if the word "HO" was a bad word. I explained that 'hoe' is a gardening utensil but if you were to call someone that, then yes, it could be bad. Boys!!! They start out young don't they? shoooooooooot!! Goodness gracious!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Days!!!

Today was a Snow Day and I enjoyed my day at my sister-n-laws house. :-) It was fun to be around her today. I usually don't work but from 2:30 - 6:00 everyday. So during the morning time I sometimes get bored and lonely. My husband, Jason, has been working like crazy this week. I'm just ready for Jason to have some down time for himself. I'm glad he's working, and I'm not complaining about that, but I just miss being able to spend time with him besides a couple hours a night. I know I'm pathetic about it but I just enjoy being around my husband.

Anyways, tomorrow is another snow day which means I'll be home all day tomorrow. I think I'm going to eat lunch with my sister-n-law and mother-n-law tomorrow so that will be fun. Rachel wants me to paint her something for her guest room. I'm super excited about it b/c that means I'll be doing something I enjoy, painting! I haven't painted anything since college when I had too. The last piece I did for class my last semester in college was fun. It was a picture of a stop sign I took one day. I love it b/c I did it! It was all me! I have other paintings that I did while I was in Italy, but my professor helped me out some b/c I was still learning. I will always be in a 'still learning' phase but I can't wait to do this new painting. It won't be much, pretty basic stuff but I'm excited to be able to paint again. I've been wanting to for a while now but never had a reason to...now I do. Thanks Rachel!!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New to this!

Well, hello all you bloggers out there. This is my first ever blog in the blogger world. I've posted things on myspace before but I no longer have the myspace account b/c I never used it. I'm a facebook girl! I have several friends and family who blog and would love to be able to share in their adventures in blogging. :-)

The year is 2010! That to me is CRAZY!! I am closer to 30 than 20 and that is just weird. My ten year reunion (if we have one) will be this year! I remember when I was in high school and thinking about when people said they had been out of high school for ten years or more and thinking they were old and it's gonna be forever 'til I reach that point. Well surprise! It's here and I am thinking back on all the things that have happened in the past ten years.

I've graduated from high school. I started college in the fall of '00. Had an amazing first year at Belmont! :) Had a house fire that started in my room Went to Mexico on a mission trip for the first time and fell in love with a little boy named Louis Brito! He has a sister, Maribel and brother Miguel. It hurt to leave him. I still think about him to this day. I wanted to adopt him and his family. I just pray that he is safe and doing well. Went back to college in fall of '01. Experienced 9/11 with the rest of the world but not like those who 'really' experienced it. Dropped out of the fall semester. Worked three jobs in the spring of '02. Went back to Mexico and had another lovely week with Louis. I tried to send him some things for his b-day but before I did I called to make sure that he was still there at City of Children, and he was no longer there. It broke my heart but I pray he is doing well and still knows God. Went back to school in fall '02 and started over pretty much. B/c of my Mexico experience, I wanted to minor in Spanish. Well, I don't do well with learning other languages it turns out so I dropped it. I was always determined to go abroad for a semester to a spanish speaking country but that died when I dropped the spanish minor. I was an art major and it hit me.....go to Italy with the art program. THE BEST THING I EVER DID!!!! Well, except the mission trips of course! :)

In the year 2006, I started hanging out with Jason Frankum. We hung out and did things with my two friends, Heather and Michelle. We were always hanging out. I then went to Italy for four months and it killed me to be away from my family and friends and especially Jason. It was very fun and I'd do it again (studying abroad) in a heartbeat but the missing family and friends was the hardest part.

The year 2007 was a life changing year for me. I fell in love with Jason. I finally graduated college in May. I stopped being irresponsible with somethings in my life in the summer and was non-stop hanging out with Jason. We finally started dating in October and then in January '08 he proposed to me in a way I had never dreamed of. It was perfect really. My dreams started to come true on that very night and in October of '08 we finally said 'I will!' (We changed the words around where instead of asking the couple 'Do you take ...', we said ( well Kerwin said) "Will you take ..." and therefore we said "I will!" ) It's been a crazy year and few months but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I now have three brother-n-laws instead of just one. Within a year, well eleven months, me and my other two sisters got married. We're all married now and it's still kind of weird. BUT I love it! We can all understand each other a little better now. I also have two more sisters and another brother-n-law. Loving the big family!!! :-)

2010 is upon us and I'm ready for a new attitude. I'm ready to be more positive and I'm ready to be better to myself. I've been slacking on taking care of myself and I need a new way. I ready to start doing my own photo shoots and enjoying time with my family and friends. I enjoy time with family and friends now but I'm just ready for something new. My sister-n-law, Rachel, is have a little baby girl sometime hopefully in February or March. We are all super excited about baby Braelyn. Braelyn will be the new addition to the family and I know I'm super excited about her.

This is a super dooper long first post but I'm excited about what's to come and what's not to come. May the year 2010 brings everyone peace and joy and happiness!!!