Jason and Jamie

Jason and Jamie

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer 2010

So Summer started for me back in May.  The last week in May was my first week to work Summer Camp. Granted, it was the first week so it was kinda rocky.  But after tomorrow, we will have finished 4 weeks of camp.  There are only 10 weeks total all summer.  I can't believe it's mid-June. REally.?!?  Some of the kids at summer camp are a little nerve racking.  I work with the group 1st - 6th grade.  That meaning the ones who just completed those grades.  I usually work with the 1st - 3rd grades and usually love it. I mean there are some that get on my nerves but there are going to be kids in all age brackets like that.  But these older kids, the ones who just completed 5th or 6th grade have an attitude problem.  I couldn't teach that age group.  Although, they are old enough to know what to do.  Anyways, there is this one kid who gave me a bad first impression and ever since, it's hard not to blow up at the kid.  I know I know.  Luckily he's not there every day.  I need to relax and start over with this kid.  He didn't know the rules the first day but there is just something about him.  I'm gonna try my best to forget the past and start over with him.  :-)  That's what I should do, I just hope I do it.  haha.

Well, out of those 10 weeks, I need 2 of them off.  I'm finally going back to Camp this year.  I've missed the last two years and it's killed me.  I loved camp and that first year I didn't go was so hard.  It got easier and I don't like that.  But since I'm not working retail, I can kinda do what I want, when I want.  I love it.  I know I need to respect the school and all but it's just easier than retail.  That's all.  So I'm going to church camp and this year we are choosing to go to a different camp.  Camp Hargis,  a YMCA camp in Alabama. It will be interesting but I'm excited about it.  :)  The next week I'm taking off is the last week of summer camp and it's for a BEACH trip with the Frankum family.  I'm actually excited about it!!  It will be our first trip together EVER.  All 8 of us will be going to Waves, NC in July.  It's gonna be HOT but I don't care.  I'm excited and can't wait.  I've never been to the Outer Banks in North Carolina so I'm super pumped.  Jason and his family used to go when he was younger and Jason is probably the reason we are going back.  Well that and the fact that the Gulf is covered in Oil right now.  I know not all of the gulf is covered but anyways.  Jason is super excited about the trip too.  He doesn't get excited about many things but he's mentioned more than twice how excited he is about the beach.  He's so cute when he gets excited.  hehe.  So that's my summer in a whole.  Not much to it but that's what summer is all about, right?

I'm 28!

In 2 years I will be 30! Crazy!  I've been married for almost 2 years.  Where does the time fly to?

I can't believe that Connie and Bryan's one year is coming up real soon.  Two weeks from today, actually!  WOW!  I'm glad they are happy.  Connie got a job in Ohio!  YAY!!!  She's going to be a 2nd grade teacher again.  That's what she wanted and that's what she's getting.  That's so exciting!  I'm happy for her. :-)

But I'm excited to be in my twenty's and to be married.  Married life is hard sometimes but it's a blessing!  I still can't believe Jason asked me to marry him.  I confirmed bachelor and I turned his thinking around.  I love him with all my heart and I know he loves me too.

At the age of 28, I have 3 nieces, one from Jason's side and two from my side.  One little girl is on her way.  She'll be joining us in September hopefully.  So I'll have 4 nieces.  Lovin' 'em.  My sisters are all married.   On Jason's side his oldest sister is married and the younger one is still in college ( the baby).   So all together I have 5 sisters, 4 brother-in-laws and 3 nieces.  I love each and everyone of them in their own way!  Jason's parents and my parents along with Debbie's parents and my mom's parents are all still alive.  My dad's mom is still alive but we never see her.  She's hanging in there though.  I have a BIG family and I am very blessed to be apart of it all.  I thank God for each and every one of them.  I'm so blessed.  I have friends too that love me and I love them.  Thank you each one of you who are apart of my life.  I love you and will always love you, no matter if we still talk or not.

Beach Trip with Peach Family

Wow, time has flown since I've been on here.  I can't believe it's mid June already.

I can't even remember April and what happened there but May came around.  Cyndi and Matt decided a while ago to take a beach trip.  So they planned it and whomever could join them, could.  Well, I was fortunate to be able to go so we left on May 1.  Yes, May 1st.  I woke up and got ready and packed my car around 6.30 a.m. or a little before and headed to my parents house.  I rode with them since Jason wasn't able to join us.  :(  While packing my car, I was afraid that it was going to POUR on me.  It held off.  I get to my parents house and unload to reload in their car.  It still held off.  Then right around the time we were getting in the car, it started to sprinkle.  We stopped at Sonic on Harding Rd. and got a drink and snack for the road.  It started POURING down on us.  The rain was coming down hard.  I was in the back seat while my parents were talking in the front seat.  I could not hear a thing!  It was hitting our car that strongly.  It was so LOUD.  Well we get on the interstate and head 65 south to good old Florida.  It was ridiculous trying to see where we were going.  I am just thankful that we got through it and that I wasn't driving.  I hate driving in bad conditions but can if need be.  I don't remember exactly when it stopped but I remember that we were a little bit before exit 46 which is where we used to get off to see the Kings.  :-)

Thankfully it wasn't as bad anymore on the road for us but it did rain a little bit but now much.  I had heard that we were suppose to get almost a foot and a half that weekend in Nashville but no idea it would be crazy!  We made it to the beach house and got settled in.  We were all hungry so we all went to eat at Goat Feathers.  Weird name but it was recommended to Matt from someone else.  I personally did not enjoy it, especially for the price it was.  I know it's ridiculous when you go out of town but the food wasn't worth what you paid for.  Oh well.  I think some of the others enjoyed it.  I'm not a huge seafood person so I always get the stuff that isn't the speciality.  So that could of been the problem.  Anyways, we come back to the house and go shopping for the week.  In between dinner and store and whatnot, we are hearing about how bad it's gotten in Nashville and how bad the flood is.  It was on the internet and the news.  It blew us away.  We were all amazed at what we were seeing.  I'm just glad that everyone I knew back home, especially Jason, was okay!  :-)

The beach trip including me, mom, dad, Matt, Cyndi, Dylan and Peyton, Mindy, Richard, Katie and Brian.  Katie and Brian and my dad were all planning on leaving on Tuesday but since the flood was going on back home, they stayed one more night.  The weekend we got there it was cloudy.  It was cloudy 'til monday or tuesday.  So I'm glad they got to see the sun before they left.

My poor Jason and his dad, Rob, were at my parents house cleaning up their basement.  It received 3 inches of water and we were of course out of town.  Jason didn't even ask, he just went ahead and cleaned it up so my parents wouldn't have to worry about it after a weeks worth of vacation.  He is such a good man.  He's got a  heart of gold!

I thoroughly enjoyed the time there but missed Jason sooo much.  I used to always want a pool when I went to the beach, and I still like to have one accessible, but I found myself wanting to just sit and read on the beach.  :- )  I didn't want to burn (I burn easily no matter what I put on, although I've found some new sunscreen I really like that works since then) so I sat under the umbrella and relaxed.  It was wonderful!!!!

The girls loved the pool and the beach.  That was the girls first trip to the beach.  They were adorable.  The first time we walked to the beach, I was with dad and he had Dylan on his shoulders.  When we got to the point where she could see the water, she pointed and said,"What is that?"  As an adult, you just don't think about those things.  Even if you've never traveled to the beach, you have seen pictures.  It was so cute!!!  They loved it.  Peyton was more brave about going in without anyone.  But the first few days (the gloomy/cloudy days) the water was to risky to get in.

It was a great trip.  Wonderful home we stayed in.  I would definitely recommend that area of Florida to stay at.  Although, I didn't see many condo high rises where we stayed, which was the Water Color area.  Anyways, I'm glad to back but ready for the next beach trip.  :-)