Jason and Jamie

Jason and Jamie

Sunday, September 19, 2010

10 year High School Reunion

Well, it's official!  I have been out of high school 10 years!

I can't believe it's been 10 years...I feel so old.  haha.  The plans for our reunion went as follows: Friday night - Decades downtwon; Saturday afternoon - Arrington Vineyards to socialize/eat lunch; Saturday night - Wildhorse Salon downtown. I kinda wanted to go to the Wildhorse but I just didn't feel like paying $55 for somewhere I've been a hundred times.  Although, I've seen a couple pics of the event and kinda wished I had been there.  A lot of people could not make it to the vineyards but did make it to the Wildhorse.  I would of enjoyed hanging out with those people and catching up.  But it's okay.  There's facebook right?  :)

The reunion went well, I think, and I am glad that it's kinda over.  I would love to get together with some old friends again, that was definitely the highlight of the event.  It was definitely a great day for the vineyard as well.

I don't know if you are familiar with the Arrington Vineyards but one of the owners is Kix Brooks, from Brooks and Dunn( a country band).  I knew this and was telling my husband, Jason, on the way there.  I said that he was part owner and that he might be there.  He said that he would not be there b/c why would someone like that be there on a day like this.  We get there and greet everyone with a simple open hello wave.  We kinda say hi to a few peps and then find a spot to sit to eat our lunch we brought.  As we are eating and as I'm saying hello to the people who show up, I notice this guy in the background kinda talking to some people.  Then I notice that he is taking a lot of pics with different people.  I was curious and looked at him and realized, that's Kix Brooks.  He was there pretty much the whole time we were there, I think.  He left right before we did and was headed back at 5 for the jazz band that was coming later.  I kinda would of enjoyed staying for that.  I looked them up online and they sounded pretty awesome.

The guy in the back, the black top with yellow stripes is Kix Brooks.  I would of gotten a better pic of him where you can actually tell that it's him but I really didn't care much.  I was just looking through my few pics I took and saw this.  I found it quite humorous that Jason said he wouldn't be there.  We talked about it on the way to my aunt and uncles house and he said, well I didn't think about it but it's a pretty day today so the odds are that he would be there.  He's so funny.  I enjoyed it!  He is usually right (a lot of the time but not all the time) so I totally was soaking it all up that I said he might be there and he was.

It was a great day for a reunion.  It was very pretty and I'd love to go visit up there again.  :)  Here are the few pics I took.  I was shy and didn't take many....me shy? I know.  haha

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