Jason and Jamie

Jason and Jamie

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Miss Lady

I'm gonna miss Lady.  She was a good doggie.  I'm just sad I didn't see her more than I did.  Jason bought her back in 2005 when she was just a puppy.  So she wasn't very old but she was a pure bred.  I've heard pure bred's don't last as long as muts do.  She apparently went to sleep in her doghouse and when Daddy Rob came home, she wasn't active to greet them like she normally does.  He checked it out and she was gone.  :(  She was such a good doggie.  I felt bad for her b/c she didn't get a lot of attention (to my acknowledge, anyway). 

Jason got a phone call from his dad, Rob, last night saying that he came home and found her the way she was.  Today we were talking about her and my heart keeps breaking.  :(  Lady, I believe, was the first dog Jason ever bought.  Rachel went with him to pick her up.  They had to go to Kentucky I think.  But she was a pretty dog and very friendly.  She LOVED being petted.  She LOVED the water.  She would jump for joy for water.  We love you Lady!  I know we'll see you when we get to Heaven!

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