Jason and Jamie

Jason and Jamie

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Another year has come and gone...

Well hello there!  Christmas has come and gone this year.  Why did it have to go by so fast?  :(  I love christmas time, just not all the decisions that go with it.  haha.  I love spending time with family, I just wish each family did it on separate days instead of all in one day.  :)  Right now it's not really a big deal but when and if we ever have children, it's not gonna be fun.

The Peach family was sad b/c we were told that our youngest sister was NOT coming into town for Christmas.  She wasn't here for Thanksgiving and now we were gonna miss her on Christmas.  Well....we got a surprise on our annual christmas eve morning breakfast!  She was there with her lovely husband.  Walking in to the restaurant I was pretty sure that was their car and it even had Ohio tags on it.  So when we walked to the table and she was there....it was a nice surprise!  :)  I love nice little surprises.

After breakfast, we visited Grandma Peach and Aunt Sissy.  That was the first time they saw Chandler so that was nice.  Chandler is 3 months already!  She's growing fast!  We spent a little time with them and then we did our own thing til dinner time.  Jason and I had originally planned on having dinner with his family but Jason was very kind to offer to go to Cyndi's since Connie was in town.  I feel horrible that we canceled on them but Connie is never here anymore.  I'm glad I got to spend some time with them on Christmas eve and Christmas day.

Christmas day was good.  We woke up and got ready and went to the Frankum's for breakfast.  Oh, we woke up to Snow, which apparently hasn't happened since 1993 here.  So that was awesome!!!  We spent time with the Frankums and watched a movie on their new Blu ray player.  :)  Then is was off to Nana's.  Nana's is always around lunch time on thanksgiving day and christmas day.  It's the entire Gambill side (my mom's sisters and brothers and my cousins).  It's kinda hard to change that since it's been that way since who knows how long.  But I love it.  Nana and Papa decided to let us go shopping in their house this year.  They are trying to get rid of things that they no longer need and so we got to go around the house and collect things we wanted.  WEIRD!!  Yes, I know!  But it was kinda cool.  There were things that I never knew were there.  She has a book collection that I really liked.  Each book is a different artist and it shows their work.  Anyways, christmas at Nana's was a little weird but it was good!

Then we were off to feed the cats and give Sammie a bath.  We wanted to take her with us to my parents house b/c she had been in her kennel all day but she smelled bad so we gave her a bath.  Our neighbor across the street asked us if we'd feed her cats while she was gone for Christmas so we needed to do that as well.  We were home just long enough to do those things and then if was off to my parents house.  It was all very enjoyable.  Christmas was wonderful this year!  Now it's time to take down the decorations but I just don't want to.  haha.  It took me so long to put them up, I just don't feel like taking them down yet.

Well this year my sisters and I decided instead of exchanging gift cards or gifts, we would just spend some time together. So we got pedis and then had lunch and went to a movie on Monday.  The only downfall about that for me was that I had the stomach bug.  It's now Tuesday and I feel a LOT better but still not 100%.  So I went with them to get a pedi and I've been wanting one for soooo long now.  Yay!! Then I tried to eat something but it did not go so well.  I told them to have fun at the movie b/c I couldn't make it.  :(  But I did have fun with the that morning.  They also all got together last night but Jason and I both had the stomach bug and were not up for anything!  It was not FUN!!!  He has gone back to work today and I don't go back to work til Thursday.   I just hope our dog won't get sick from us.  She tends to get sick easily.  So hopefully she won't get sick.  haha.

Well, I've written a chapter in a book now...I guess I'll let you be.  Thanks for reading!  3 more days of 2010 and then on to 2011!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. So glad you had a wonderful (white) Christmas, this year! How great that Connie was able to make it, too. Sounds like a very busy holiday. (Which, of course, equals very blessed!) Luckily, Brad's family has conceded to celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas both on the Saturdays following the actual holidays, so that relieves a lot of the tension and stress of fitting it all into one day. Otherwise, I'd definitely have the same story as you.

    Sorry you're not feeling well and had to miss the movie. I love that you and your sisters are so close. The pedi sounds great. I think spending time together is always worth more than gifts exchanged. I hope you (and Jason) start feeling better soon!

    Merry Christmas!